Brennan Contractors has many satisfied customers and yearly repeat business since 1993. Len did work for years by word of mouth and with no advertising. Len recently decided to generate this web site to get Brennan Contractor name out there to new customers. The following letters and responses from a few of our recent customers are a testament to our ongoing commitment to quality craftsmanship.

Tracey C. (Bathroom Remodel, Yardley)
Len was great; he was very professional and really did a great job on our new bathroom. He was very reasonably priced. We would highly recommend him.

Dolores C. (Bathroom Remodel, Doylestown)
Very courteous, showed up on time, was fast and did what I asked for a price I could afford.

Nancy H. (Flooring, Doylestown)
Len's price was significantly lower than a major flooring company in the area. He estimated and did the work for a much better price and always called and showed up as planned. They did the demolition and the install of natural stone slate with medallions in our kitchen and foyer. Len recommended a supplier for the stone so there was no markup, which was another cost savings to us. The floor is beautiful and was affordable.

Ian N. (Window Replace, Newtown)
Friendly, fair price. Lower than average. Actually calls back. Estimate done at convenient time for me.

John C. (Bathroom Remodel, Chestnut Hill)
The job was done well and in good time. I would recommend Brennan Contractors to anyone.

Joan K. (Kitchen Floor, Rydal)
Working with Len was a very delightful experience. He was very accommodating. He listened to what we were talking about doing and made suggestions. He brought us samples of the hardwood and we selected the one we liked. He ordered it and delivered it within a week. He worked untiringly and finished the job as quoted. We were extremely happy with his work. He was very pleasant to work with. The floor is just beautiful and I love to just sit and admire it. He did a beautiful job. We plan to use him again on future projects and also to recommend him to our friends and family.

Edward G (Basement Remodel, Philadelphia)
Len was efficient and pleasant to deal with! We would highly recommend him.

Dave and Allison W (Kitchen, Yardley)
We would highly recommend Len to anyone. He was trustworthy and we were not afraid to leave him alone in our house which is a lot in this day and age!

Tommy B. (Basement Remodel, Wydmoor)
Len was very talented and the job looks amazing!

Barbara W. (Sunroom Remodel, Newtown)
What my husband and I liked about Len was he is an honest man who explained the job and did a great job!

Linda and Patti D. (Bathroom, Levittown)
My partner and I hired Len and cannot say enough kind things about him. We felt so comfortable with him and love the job!

Holly M. (Basement Remodel, Doylestown)
Len was very professional and really did what we asked him to do for us. We are planning on having him back for our kitchen remodel.

Steve B. (Bathroom Remodel, Warrington)
We would highly recommend him!

Peg N. (Kitchen, NYC)
I moved to NYC from PA and knew Len and his family. I knew he had a special talent with the craft of tile since an early age. I wanted to bring the look of Doylestown and some of its unique tiles to my new loft in NYC and I am so happy with the finished product.

Shannon M. (Basement Remodel, Valley Forge)
I wanted to surprise my husband and worked with Len on this special project. He did a cool job and my husband and I love the room! I only wished I did it sooner!